1. Go to Gapweb
  2. Click on Corp Services then click on Computer - System Access Tools
  3. Click on CIA
  4. Click the menu
  5. Click Manage Application Access
  6. Select Self
    1. If you are submitting the request for someone else click Others
    2. Enter the name of the person you are submitting the request for
    3. Click the box next to the persons Network ID that needs the access
  7. Click Next
  8. Enter mfa in the Find Application field then click Find Application
  9. Check the checkbox next to “MultiFactor Authentication(MFA)”
  10. Click Next
  11. Click Click here to add additional info
    1. Click the Requestee name
      1. Select Soft Token
      2. Select your Device Type
      3. Enter your Mobile Phone Number 
      4. Select your Platform
      5. Click Save
  12. Click Add Business Justification
    • Enter the business justification then click Add Comment
  13. Click Submit