The same password for both Gapweb and the Registers. If you have already logged into one of these please use that password to log into both Gapweb and the Registers.

The default password format will be Xcccxcccc
is the first character of the last name in UPPER case, followed by the first 3 characters of employee ID number, then the first character of the last name in lower case, then the last 4 characters of the employee ID number
Employee ID: 1234567
Name: John Smith
Default Password: S123s4567

Gapweb's Default Security Question Answer is the first 2 letters in the Employee's last name plus their GEMs ID 

Employee ID: 1234567 
Name: John Smith 
Default Security Answer: sm1234567

Password requirements are as follows:
  • Password must not match last 4 passwords.
  • Minimum length of eight characters.
  • Must contain 3 of the 4 following special characters:
    • At least one upper case letter (A-Z)
    • At least one lower case letter (a-z)
    • At least one number (0-9)
    • NOTE: The policies will still allow special characters however this capability will not be communicated.
  • Passwords cannot contain user's name or be equal to the username.
This information is also available on the Store Support Website Doc#600 or by clicking the Password tile on the SSWS home page